Andrew Storey Paintings          

Andrew Storey is a painter and teacher who lives in Brussels, Belgium. He originates from Liverpool but has 
balinese woman sketch spent long periods abroad, mostly in Indonesia and South East Asia.

Predominantly self taught, he has also completed art courses in various places around the world, including Liverpool, Spain, and Indonesia. The majority of his malaysia artwork is inspired by travel and different parts of the globe - such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Morocco and now parts of Europe.

Early works are influenced by impressionism and show intense colours,
with a trend towards photorealism and detailed portrayal of the subject matter in later paintings. There is an intensity of hue and understanding of colour throughout, which gives the canvases an intense energy. The artist is not only preoccupied with producing beautiful paintings, but  also wants to make a detailed record of the environments he has experienced on hiswoman washing sketch travels. Even simple objects and scenes are given intense scrutiny and detail of colour and light, captured  by works executed in the field and numerous sketches and photographs taken back to the studio.

Andrew Storey was born in the Lake District in 1966 but spent much of his childhood and young life in
Liverpool. After studying Geology at Manchester University and working for a while in the oil industry, he house paintingstarted out as a backpacker and spent time in Australia and South East Asia. However, he was so deeply impressed by the visual impact of his travels that he resolved to go back to Asia to live and work. In 1993 he moved to Indonesia and taught and exhibited in Indonesia and Malaysia for a total of 11 years, in that time producing many of the canvases presented in this website. He is also an experienced teacher of English, and has not only taught in Indonesia and Malayaia but also Spain and China.

 As a result of his widespread travels, the paintings reflect these aspects - diverse environments, cultures and different qualities of light and colour.  Now he lives in Belgium with his wife and two daughters, and works at the European Commission School in Brussels.